Březen 2011


6. března 2011 v 10:32 | n_kvapka |  landscape & nature
orchideenaustellung wien ^^
for the rest click here.


4. března 2011 v 17:43 | n_kvapka |  about me
i uploaded 2 more photos to the article about germany and one more to the netherlands. you'll find them at the bottom of the article ;) hope you like them.

by the way, i have NO IDEA why the heck do i write everything in english because i don't think foreigners visit this page :D so, the next article's gonna be in slovak ^^


4. března 2011 v 14:03 | n_kvapka |  photoshop
these are very simple and very old text pictures i found in my pc, i made them because i needed to use them in some articles. feel free to use them, too :D:D

some quotes and german lyrics xD

for the german onec click on "celý článek"

i didn't give up.

4. března 2011 v 12:56 | n_kvapka |  photoshop
since everyone loves typography pictures, i made one. i haven't seen any with this quote so far, so here it is ^^